It's a time to migrate into Marp Next!

It's a time to migrate into Marp Next!

The publication of classic Marp app has ended.

Marp desktop app, a simple Markdown presentation writer, already had stopped maintenance since 2017. Today Marp team is focusing into Marp Next project, the brand-new presentation ecosystem for the future.

See more details in our blog post.


We had kept publishing app for stuck users that are thinking Marp Next is too complex.

But recently, we received a serious security report for outdated app. By opening a malicious Markdown, an attacker can execute arbitrary code through remote. We are responsible for saving users from malicious.

If you are currently using Marp app, please stop using as soon as possible and migrate into well-maintained Marp Next tools.

Marp Next tools

Marp Next is not complex! Simply you can just use either one if you want to create slide deck.

Marp for VS Code (Recommended)

Marp for VS Code, an extension for Visual Studio Code, is the best alternative for desktop app users. There are key features inherited from the classic Marp app.

Marp CLI

Marp CLI is simple but powerful CLI converter from Marp Markdown into PDF, HTML, PPTX, and images. You can use it if you don't want GUI editor.

I also have an example repository to automate generating slide deck and serving through Marp CLI + Netlify or ZEIT Now.

Migrate Markdown

Marp Next is losing Markdown compatibility with classic app, but your slide would keep appearance as before just by some changes in most cases. Please see our blog post for details.


Thanks for a lot of users / contributors of desktop app. Marp has changed my life as developer without doubt, and I've learned a lot from many feedbacks.

Now Marp Next project is evolving built on them. I hope you like it too.

— Yuki Hattori (@yhatt)